North Gordon Road       Fort Lauderdale, FL

Photos Credited to Eric Igualada 

What began as a 1950's ranch house in the signature style of Lester Avery was artfully expanded upon to accommodate a slightly larger floor plan and smart-home upgrades for a new, modern way of living. A refined palette of natural materials in a soft, monochromatic scheme were used to complement the strong architectural lines without distracting from them and though the finishes are luxurious by any standard, the home maintains it's decidedly easy-going persona. The lighting design in and around the property was carefully considered to create moments of drama and visual interest from all vantage points while imbuing a sense of coziness and warmth. Reimagined for today in collaboration with architect Bob Tuthill and landscape architect Raymond Jungles, the Gordon house pays homage to Lester Avery's midcentury classic.