A Sweet Halloween Costume for Mo

No doubt about it. Yesterday's theme was all about SUGAR! From the moment my kids woke up until the moment they went to bed they were either talking about, soliciting or consuming it. In keeping with the theme, my daughter, Mosley (19 months) also sported it in the form of one very adorable DIY Halloween costume.

I came across the idea online, googling, as we do... Very few materials required and the finished product was sure to be adorable. PERFECT, me thinks! I gathered up the supplies at my local craft store and got to work. The finished product took about 2.5 hours to create, cost roughly $35 (considering that I already owned a glue gun) and only caused a few second-degree fingertip burns. All well worth it! Want to try it? Here's how:


Pink Spray Paint. Hot Glue Gun. Hot Glue Sticks.

Zippered Coverup. Polyester Fiberfill. Iridescent Pink Glitter.

Thin White Poster Board. Silver Pipe Cleaners.

*Note: You'll just need one can of spray paint and one large bag of fiber fill, but you'll need more glue sticks than you think... Get two packs.


Step 1 - Heat up your glue gun. Your first task is to glue on free-form handfuls of fiber fill. You'll want to be sure to place lines of hot glue along all of the edges of the hooded/zippered cover up (the bottom hem, the sleeve hems, the hood hem) The more glue you add, the more secure your fiber fill will be. Working in sections, squeeze hot glue onto the body of the coverup and use the palm of your hand to press the fiber fill into each section. Once it feels secure and like you don't have any areas of missing glue between your fill and your coverup, you can fluff and tease the fiber fill a bit to get the shape you want. Cover the entire coverup including the hood. The fluffier you make it (while being careful that it doesn't get too heavy) the more realistic it will be!

Step 2 - Head outside with your fluffy coverup, your can of spray paint and your tube of glitter. (You'll also want a rubber glove or similar to protect your hand from getting spray-painted in the process) While holding your coverup with your hand inside the hood, spray the whole thing with your pink spray paint. Keep your coats light- the final paint job should be mottled with darker and lighter spots like cotton candy would be. On your final sweep with your paint, spread the zippered area out to expose the white sides of the fiber fill that butt up to each other over the zipper. Give this strip another once-over of paint. Once worn, this section opens up a bit, so you need to make sure it's pink- not white! Once you're done painting and the costume is still tacky, sprinkle the glitter over the whole thing to taste.

Repeat the paint/glitter process on an extra section of fiber fill. I took a generous handful and pulled at it to create more of a linear stripe of it, about 14"-18" long. You'll need this to cover the base of your paper cone in the next step, after that portion's attached...

Step 3 - Back inside, your last task is the paper cone. Roll one sheet of thin white poster board into a fairly narrow cone shape. Run a bead of hot glue along the last edge to secure it. Cut the bottom of your cone straight across around the circumference of the wide end, then cut a series of small (1/4" - 1/2" long) vertical cuts into the bottom of the cone, all the way around. You'll then be able to fold those cut sections up to great little tabs to adhere your cone to your hood by using more hot glue. Before you do, be sure to glue on a spiral of silver pipe cleaners wrapped around your cone from top to bottom. This emphasizes the rolled pattern of the cone and makes it POP! Once you've finished, choose whether to attach your cone straight up, or kicked at a bit of an angle and glue, glue away. (Mine is angled in the photos below.) Glue some more to cover the base of your cone with your extra pre-painted/glittered strip of fiber fill to cover the tabs on your cone. See?! I told you you'd need extra glue!

Step 4 - Pour yourself a glass of wine and tend to your burns. Even if your finished product looks nothing similar to the pics... You deserve it.

Here's Mine

Adorable, no?

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