Candles in a Nest

This accessory hack is SO EASY and SO AFFORDABLE! The result looks expensive and you cannot kill it if you try. I'm calling them 'Candles in a Nest' and you can make them yourself in 5 minutes flat. Try it! You'll be sprinkling these things around your house like Salt Bae does, well, salt.

I was prepping the Gordon Road property for a brokers' open the other day and I was in need of some cool accessories to set the mood there since our final staging hadn't been done yet. (Stay tuned! Margaret Schaffer from ReStyle Home is about to razzle-dazzle this place in the coming week!) I went to Michaels (my local craft store) hoping for some inspiration and found so many great components that I knew would work well with our existing theme. I scooped up the ingredients and got to work assembling them on site.

First, I poured the white sand into the square vases. The amount in my vases was exactly one bottle of sand.

Next, I added a layer of moss approximately the same depth as the sand beneath it. I chose this particular moss because it was the most straight-outta-nature looking.

Last step, nestle that candle into the moss!

Seriously, that's it! I think they work best in multiples, but you could try adding one to a grouping of different accessories for a cool look as well.


To make all four of my completed vases, I used:

4 vases, 4 bottles of white sand, 1 package of moss, and two 3-packs of pillar candles for a total of less than $30 each!

Ashland Square Glass Vase, $19.99 each

Stone Granules by Ashland in white, $3.99 each

Ashland Preserved Moss, 105 cu in forest green, $8.99 each

Ashland Basic Elements White Pillar Candle 3-pack, $7.99 each

What do you think?! Pretty, right!?

Thanks to my Instagram husband for all of the pics of me assembling these things in my athleisure wear.

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